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A Splendid Life

Much Easier Than You Think


How could someone who suffers in the same way as you,

achieve Emotional Freedom

to finally live a satisfying and joy-filled life worth celebrating?


Be amazed at how simple it is in this quick 7-minute presentation that can change your life forever, guaranteed! 

White Sand Beach




Introducing a breakthrough way to feel powerful FAST

even if others are mistreating you, from A Splendid Life


Do You Feel Lonely, Misunderstood, and Mistreated, and Want to Feel Powerful Fast, Even if You Think it is Impossible!


  • You want to voice yourself freely, but you feel confused and even trapped inside.

  • You want to feel loved and respected, but others often mistreat you.

  • You want to be strong and confident, but you feel frustrated and doubt yourself.

  • Some days you are aware of the incredible person trapped deep inside, waiting...

  • But other days you feel sad, defeated, and even depressed.

  • Fear is a dominant force that stops you from engaging your full potential.

  • Your happiness is suffering. You haven’t felt respected and loved... for years.

  • You lie awake at night wondering “Is there something wrong with me?!”

  • Even worse, it’s a burden that is impossible to explain. So, you suffer in silence...

So what can you do?




All your suffering is needless and completely avoidable!




You CAN be strong and EMPOWERED no matter how others are treating you.


You CAN feel loved and respected.


And you CAN do it without “fixing” yourself!


Years ago, I developed a method that has changed everything.


And when you know what I know, then you too will:

* Experience the power of unveiling the purest and truest version of you.


* Effortlessly produce a natural joy through knowing, and fully appreciating yourself.


* Be and feel respected and loved.

*Thrive in deep, rich, and positive relationships


* And have a life that you truly love living at 100%.

All while being completely immune to any negative, or damaging influences around you because


has become your number-one driving force.


“How?” you ask


For a limited time, I’m revealing how you can change all your suffering in a


30 min Know What's Possible Call

“Find out why you feel lonely, misunderstood, and mistreated…

and how to feel powerful FAST

(even if you think it’s impossible!)"


On the call, you will learn 3 HUGE things.


1. There is nothing wrong with you!


2. Why you suffer so much, AND

3. Why it is unnecessary to suffer anymore


Best Part is,

A Splendid Life is much easier than you think


Even better, my 30-minute online call is FREE.


Simply click one of the coloured call buttons to step closer to living in peace and joy.


Book quickly, there are so few hours in the day so spots are legitimately limited!

I'm excited to connect with you soon😃


Belinda Faehrmann

Your Joy Specialist:  A Splendid Life

 Book Your Call, Here, Now, To Learn More About

Your Emotional Freedom!

Real People, Real Victories

It is crucial that you always feel safe so A Splendid Life chooses to protect your privacy.

Enjoy these quotes from identity-protected ASL members who have conquered, or are on the way to conquering loneliness, mistreatment, and being misunderstood,

by achieving a life of fulfillment, confidence, peace, and joy.

Essentially, they achieve Emotional Freedom and live at 100%.

Male, Teacher, 66

“The 'I don't matter feeling' that has been there all my life has gone. It doesn't ring true now. That's the old me."

Female, Real Estate, 47

"I have a whole new way of thinking. Which is utterly amazing! I've never felt like this before."

Male, Musician,57

“I would never have believed a year ago the things that I'm doing now and doing them comfortably and easily.”

Female, E.A. , 52

“I'm so full of thankfulness. Thankful for this journey.
Thankful for the life I've had.
Thankful for how much my life has changed."

Male, Loan Officer, 45

"At last I'm getting to know myself and live in a positive way."

Female, Professor, 56

“There's so many aspects of my life now that are just being born. I just want to keep on nourishing my life ”

Male, Business Owner, 59

“You (Belinda) change people's lives, you changed my life."

Female, Retail, 55

"I once thought that life was against you and that it was always going to be that way.
How wrong I was!"

Female, Nurse, 59

“I'm enormously happy. I've got a brand-new life and it's absolutely amazing!”

How will you describe YOUR Emotional Freedom?

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