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Overcome the effects of Narcissism, no kidding!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

No matter who the narcissist is, or how long they have been submitting you to their relentless needs, you can take your power back with dignity, and it is probably easier than you think!

Perhaps you have come to realise that someone close to you is a narcissist. Quite the 'aha' moment, and a very important one. You may also be aware, that relationship has caused you considerable damage and pain. This person could be a parent, a sibling, or any other significant individual in your life.

You may now realise, that this person has negatively influenced how you feel about yourself, how you react in life, limited what you are achieving, interfered in your other relationships, and in so many other possible scenarios.

If you are still in relationship with this person you are likely struggling with the constant volatility, and the need to 'walk on egg shells'.

Or, perhaps you had to severe ties and 'take a break' from the emotional roller-coaster, and all the heartache, anxiety and injustice that comes with it. Unfortunately however, as you probably discovered, the damage stays with you.

Hopefully you are aware that your narc, like all narcs, are unlikely to change their behaviour, ever.

So, what's the answer?

Adjusting your internal representation of yourself, significantly changes your external experience of life...

The great news is you can overcome any level of narc abuse, even if it has been present all your life. And, it can be done in a way that you can remain in relationship with them, which can be important if it's close family member.

From a few sessions of therapy with A Splendid Life you can safely and effectively adjust your old programs created by emotional abuse, towards mindsets that serve who you are now, and who you would like to become.

Life after Narcissist Abuse

Your transformation from life effected by a narcissist to unaffected, is unique to you, according to the particulars of your situation. It is possible for you to gain victory over some or, all of the following, and these victories are by no means exhaustive.

  • you can truly and deeply love, and like, yourself

  • become aware of your boundless worth

  • feel strong and confident

  • be emotionally unaffected by negative actions and attitudes of others

  • bravely conquer those annoying life hurdles

  • be at peace with yourself and your surroundings

What could be really nice for you right now, is to imagine yourself enjoying the above victories and add any more that are important to you.

Take a couple of minutes to sit quietly, to fully picture this new you, where the effects of narc abuse are well and truly, far behind you. Bet that feels amazing!

A Splendid Life would be thrilled to help you achieve that victory as a permanent experience of your life to come.

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